RSPI 2023/2


Si vis pacem para pacem. La Santa Sede, agostino Casaroli e la prima fase della CSCe

Matteo Luigi Napolitano

the essay deals with the preparation of the first phase of the Conference for Security and Cooperation in europe (CSCe) from the lenses of vatican diplomacy. Based on the part of the archives of Monsignor agostino Casaroli open to scholars, but also on other sources, the essay reconstructs the diplomatic itinerary leading the Holy See (after multiple contacts with the two blocs) to decide to attend the inaugural session of the Helsinki Conference (3-7 July 1973),
interrupting an absence from the great international peace conferences that had been prolonged since the Congress of vienna in 1815.

Suslov, il camerlengo del PCUS

Andrea Giannotti

In the panorama of Soviet politics, Mikhail Suslov has represented one of the most important and at the same time mysterious figures. often referred to as the key actor in the Communist party, the stern guardian of ideology and the true inspiration behind the hardening that marked the years between the fall of Chruščëv and the rise of gorbačëv, throughout his very long career Suslov
always maintained an extremely cautious attitude, shunning the limelight and stating on several occasions that he did not aspire to the chair of party secretary.

Esercizi di leadership regionale in asia orientale. implicazioni per l’ue

Oliviero Frattolillo

In the last decades, China and Japan have been the main actors along with the
ASEAN countries of an ever-increasing number of multilateral initiatives and
forms of integration on a regional basis.