Emanuela Del Re


Special Representative of the European Union for the Sahel

Former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy


Emanuela C. Del Re is the Special Representative of the European Union for the Sahel. Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation from 2018 to 2021, she was a member of the Italian Parliament in the XVIII Legislature.

University professor of Political Sociology, specialist in foreign policy, geopolitics and international relations, migration and refugees, conflicts, religious issues, minorities. Her job is characterized by an intense and continuous field research activity in conflict zones with participant observation since 1991 (Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, Africa) financed by prestigious national and international institutions.

She also has extensive international observation and negotiation activities for international organizations.

Licensed Associate Professor, she has taught for years at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of La Sapienza University of Rome, where she was also Professor Jean Monnet with a teaching module funded by the European Commission.

From 2016 to 2020 she was elected National Coordinator of the Sociology of Religion Section of the Italian Association of Sociology (AIS).

She directs the book series Globolitical in Aracne Edition, Rome.

She is a member of the Scientific Boards of various Italian and international journals. She is the Vice director of the scientific journal “Religions and Society”. She regularly collaborates and is a member of the editorial board of “Limes”. She writes for numerous Italian and international journals and she is an elected member of prominent Think Tanks and international research institutes (including IAI). She is a member of the Board of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and of Initiative Globale pour la Paix et la Sécurité en Afrique (IGPSA).

Author of essays, books and volumes including Religioni e pandemia in Italia: dottrina, comunità e cura (with Paolo Naso, Rubettino Editore, 2022); Women and Borders: Refugees, Migrants and Communities (with Seema Shekhawat, Tauris, 2018); Pursuing stability and a shared development in Euro-Mediterranean migrations (with Ricardo René Larémont, Arane Editrice, 2017); Il comportamento collettivo. «Via con la pazza folla»: internet, ultras, terrorismo e oltre (Rubbettino Editore, 2021)

She has written and directed scientific documentaries including: We, the Last Christians of Iraq (2015); The Denied Festival. Voice and future of the Yazidis (2014); My Future. With and for the Syrian Refugees (2014), that is considered by the Yazidi community as a document of reference.