Fabio Bertini

PhD in History of the European Society, Research Student at Scuola Storica dell’Istituto Storico per l’Età moderna e contemporanea in Rome. Associated Professor of Contemporary History at the Department of Political Science “Cesare Alfieri”, Florence.

Co-director of the book series Il Risorgimento tra Mediterraneo ed Europa, ETS, Pisa; Director of the book series Il lungo Risorgimento delle donne, CET, Florence; Editor-in-chief of «Rassegna Storica Toscana»; Member of the Board of «Rivista di Studi Politici Internazionali» and «Ricerche Storiche». He contributes to numerous historical journals. Visiting Professor in many Italian and foreign Universities. He reorganized and catalogued the Giuseppe Vedovato’s archives for the National Central Library of Florence.