Roberto Nigido

Roberto Nigido

Ambassador, retired

Born in Rome, 17th October, 1941

Studies in Political Sciences, University of Rome, 1960-1964

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1965-2008, where he was, inter alia, Director of European Affairs (1988-1993 ) and  Director of Economic  Affairs  (1993-1996 )

Permanent Representation to the European Communities: 1969-1973 and 1984-1988

Consul in Durban ( South Africa ): 1973-1975

Commission of the European Communitities: 1975-1977

Italian Embassy in Somalia: 1981-1984

Diplomatic Adviser of the President of the Council of Ministers: 1996-1998

Ambassador to Canada:1998-2001

Permanent Representative to the European Union: 2001

Ambassador to Argentina: 2001-2005

Diplomatic Adviser of the President of the Republic: 2005-2008