RSPI 2021-2


La svolta della democrazia liberale americana: riflessi sull’Europa e sull’Italia

Giulio Terzi di Santagata

Significant differences of vision about the US role in the world exist between the GOP and the
Democratic party.

The EU engagement in Central Asia


It was the need for energy, independent from Russian sources, that started the Central Asia Initiative
of the European Union in 2007, designated for 6 years, a decision that was voted on with
the consent of all Member States.

Il contenzioso marittimo nel Mediterraneo orientale

Andrea Silvestri

In recent years, tensions have periodically emerged in the eastern Mediterranean, often following
Turkish initiatives carried out in maritime areas claimed by Cyprus and Greece.

Chinese hydropower policy in Myanmar. The cases of Yadanabon Bridge and Myitsone Dam

Filippo Verre

Since 1988, China’s influence in Myanmar either on a political and financial scale has been relevant.

Le relazioni diplomatiche tra la Repubblica di Salò e l’Ungheria

Melissa Kinld

In September 1943 a scission happened within the Italian Legation in Budapest: the Italian ambassador
Filippo Anfuso took the side of the newly formed government of Mussolini, whereas
Carlo de Ferrariis Salzano, the former First Secretary of the legation, became the head of the
Royal Legation of Italy, thus remaining in office until the German occupation of Hungary, on 19
March 1944